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YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you can upload your videos and watch, share, and comment on videos. YouTube was founded in 2005 and later in 2006, it was acquired by Google. YouTube has grown very fast and has become one of the largest and most visited websites on the internet. Below are some key aspects of YouTube out of which Monetization is related to the Adblock Google extension which we will know here in this blog.


Key Aspects of  YouTube

User Generated Content.

Channel and Subscriptions

Community Feature

Live Streaming

Search and Discovery


YouTube Premium

What is an Add blocker?

Ad Blocker is a Google extension that is available on the Google Chrome extensions Store (chrome://extensions/). If you have this extension installed on your Laptop/Desktop and you visit any website, add blocker will hide or filter out the various types of ads including popup ads, banner ads, video ads, and many more.

Why ads are showing on YouTube apps or websites?

Ads are a major source of revenue for YouTube and as well as for websites. By displaying ads, YouTube generates income, which helps to cover the costs of running the platform, including infrastructure, development, and support. Also, Creators can Monetize their content and get a revenue share.


Monetization is the process of generating revenue from a product, service, or content. In the context of digital platforms like YouTube, monetization refers to the various methods through which creators, publishers, or platform owners earn money from their content or services.

Ad Revenue in YouTube App/Website

Display Ads: Banner ads are shown on the platform.
Video Ads: Ads played before, during, or after video content.

Google Adsense is the main source of generating Ad revenue from YouTube.

Blocking Ads on YouTube using Adblocker

Earlier Adblockers were not capable of blocking ads from YouTube but later these adblockers got updated and now these adblockers are capable of blocking ads from YouTube as well.

Ethically it is not good to use adblocker on YouTube or on any other website because this ad revenue helps to cover the costs of running the platform, including infrastructure, development, and support.

Everything You Need to Know About YouTube's New In-Video Ads

YouTube is innovating the way ads are presented by embedding them directly into the video frame. This means that ads will seamlessly blend into the middle of your video content, making them an integral part of the viewing experience. As a result, ad blockers will no longer be able to filter out these ads.

Google has already begun testing this feature. If you're using an ad blocker while watching YouTube on your desktop, you might receive a notification warning you that your access could be restricted after three attempts. This pop-up alert is YouTube's way of encouraging viewers to disable ad blockers and support the platform through ad views.

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