Rohtang Pass opening Date 2024 2025 | Rohtang Pass Status Today | Rohtang pass current status 2024-2025 | Is Rohtang pass open now for tourists in 2024

Rohtang Pass opening Date 2024 - 2025 | Best time to visit Rohtang Pass | Is Rohtang Pass open today?

   Rohtang is now OPEN for tourist vehicles, Snow is there on Rohtang Laa. You are allowed now beyond Gulaba. Please get the latest status before planning your visit as there is unpredictable weather in Rohtang.

 Ques. Rohtang Pass status today?
Ans. Open and the Road is through to Gulaba and beyond that as well. The status is as of Date 8th-Jun-2024. The last Fresh snowfall happened in Sissu and Rohtang Pass on 27th-APRIL-2024.

  Earlier The Border Road Organisation (BRO) re-opened Rohtang Pass for the movement of small vehicles which gave some relief to travelers who want to enjoy the Manali-Leh ride on two wheels.

Latest Update

Barrier Shifted: Gulaba Prepares for Rohtang Pass”

In a significant development, the police have relocated the barrier that was previously stationed at Kothi. The new location? Gulaba! This strategic move is aimed at facilitating the ongoing snow-clearing efforts by the Border Roads Organization (BRO) for the upcoming Rohtang Pass season.

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Key 🔑 Highlights:

  1. Barrier Relocation:

    • The police have shifted the barrier from Kothi to Gulaba.
    • This relocation marks a crucial step in ensuring smoother traffic management and safety measures.
    • Gulaba now serves as the gateway to Rohtang Pass. you can reach Gulaba but beyond that tourists are not yet allowed.
  2. BRO’s Snow-Clearing Endeavors:

    • The Border Roads Organization (BRO) is actively engaged in snow clearance.
    • Their tireless efforts are focused on ensuring a safe and accessible route to Rohtang Pass.
    • The challenging task involves removing accumulated snow and maintaining road conditions.
  3. Vehicle Restrictions:

    • Beyond the barrier at Gulaba, no vehicles are allowed as the Rohtang Pass opening Date for 2024 has yet to be confirmed. BRO is working on clearing snow from the road beyond Gulab.
    • This restriction is essential to prevent any mishaps due to adverse weather conditions or snow-covered roads.
    • You as a traveler are advised to respect this boundary for your safety.
  4. Current Snow Cover:

    • As of 25th June 2024, Gulaba still has snow cover to attract tourists.
    • Visitors can expect a winter wonderland experience nowadays in April.

Gulaba, with its freshly relocated barrier, stands ready to welcome travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re heading to Rohtang Pass or simply reveling in the snowy beauty, remember to stay informed, follow guidelines, and enjoy the magic of the mountains.

Is October the best time to visit Rohtang Pass top for snow?

Yes! Seasons first Snowfall is expected in October month.

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Manali update: The last mild Snowfall happened in April 2024 on Rohtang Pass TopBook your Manali Tour Now.

• Book cab from Chandigarh/Delhi to Manali(3 days prior booking):

The residents of the tribal districts of Lahaul and Spiti are less worried now after the opening of the Atal Tunnel Rohtang.

If you are lucky enough then you will reach Rohtang to enjoy snow and scenic beauty.

Rohtang pass status Today?

OPEN !!! Rohtang pass top is now Open for tourists. Initially, tourists were allowed till #gulaba only but now Rohtang Laa is open. #marhi #rohtangpass #top

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Tourists arround 18,500 are entering Hinachal on daily and 7,500 tourists are heading towards Rohtang pass top.

Manali to Solang Valley: Imagine a place where snow-capped peaks kiss the sky, and lush green meadows stretch as far as the eye can see. Welcome to Solang Valley, a magical destination just 14 kilometers northwest of Manali in Himachal Pradesh. At an altitude of 8,448 feet, this valley is a playground for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

How to reach Rohtang pass from Manali?

Government buses, taxis/cabs, and private vehicles are the options to reach Rohtang Pass from Manali. Bus service to this route is stopped in winter due to snowfall So for tourists, taxis/cabs are the best options to visit Rohtang pass top as you will not have to wait for the bus while returning back to Manali if you hire a cab/taxi.

Is Rohtang pass open on Tuesday?

No, Rohtang Pass will be closed every Tuesday for all kinds of vehicle movement.

HPTDC/HRTC Bus fare: it will cost Rs. 60 to 70.

Vehicle Route: Kothi > Rahala > Marhi > Rohtang pass.

Rohtang Pass 2024 2025 opening date

Rohtang Pass is now open for tourists from 25th May 2024.

At what time in the morning can we enter Rohtang Pass?

Although it is open now for tourists. You can go to Rohtang Pass at any time in the day but to avoid heavy traffic and traffic jams, a good time is to leave Manali at 09:00 AM or before that. Rohtang pass top remains closed on Tuesday for all vehicle movements.

Why is Sissu village famous?

Sissu village is famous because it is the nearest village to the Atal tunnel towards the Lahoul side. If snowfall happens then Sissu will be the first place you can reach after crossing Atal Tunnel Rohtang. Another point of focus is Nursery of Trees and A Helipad here.

Rohtang pass opening date 2024

The opening date of the Rohtang Pass for tourists was 15 May 2024 and Rohtang Pass is now open for tourists. So enjoy your Tour.

   During tourist season it is better to head toward Rohtang Pass early in the morning, As one of my friends from the state of Uttar Pradesh tried to visit the Rohtang Pass a few months back. He left his hotel in Manali at around 9:00 AM. I informed him it was closed but still, he tried to visit Rohtang pass and was sent back by police before Gulaba. In Solang Nala, snow was not there at that time So they tried to visit Sissu and were again sent back by cops from the Atal Tunnel in Rohtang as it is closed to tourists. Snow is there near Atal Tunnel Rohtang so they enjoyed there and came back to Manali, they reached Manali at 9:00 PM and it took 12 hours for them to reach back to their Hotel in Manali.

Because of Christmas and New Year, Manali is flooded by the vehicles of tourists during these days. So please plan your itinerary before reaching here to avoid such a thing.

Route map: The journey from Manali to Leh -

>Manali (Source)

 >Rohtang La


   >Baralacha La

    >Gata Loops

     >Nakee La

      >Lungalacha La

       >More Plains

        >Tanglang La

         >Leh (Destination).



Manali to Rohtang Pass


Manali to Solang Valley


Comment your queries below we will be happy to help you and make your journey memorable.

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Is snow available today at Rohtang Pass top?

Yes, Snow is there on the Rohtang pass top and you can visit and have fun at Rohtang pass top.

As Rohtang Pass and Atal Tunnel are open for tourists, Solang Nala is also a good option for adventure activities with no snow. You can visit Rohtang Laa Top to see the snow.

Rohtang Pass: A Gateway to Adventure and Beauty

This high mountain pass, located at an elevation of approximately 3,978 meters (13,051 feet) above sea level, is a hotspot for tourists seeking breathtaking views, adrenaline-pumping activities, and a tryst with nature's grandeur. As travelers plan their journey to this iconic destination.

Rohtang Pass Weather:

   The region experiences diverse weather patterns, with temperatures ranging from pleasantly cool to freezing, depending on the season. If you are a traveler and seeking real-time updates and forecasts to plan your visit, 

you can reach @travellingphone to get the latest status of unpredictable mountain weather, road conditions, and visibility.

Rohtang Pass Permit:

  Permits are required to access Rohtang Pass. Due to environmental concerns and to regulate the influx of tourists, the local authorities mandate permits for vehicles entering the pass. Travelers are keen to gather information about the permit application process, including required documents, fees, and timings, to ensure a hassle-free journey to this mountain paradise. You can visit the official website to get a Rohtang Pass Permit.

Rohtang Pass Opening Status:

   Rohtang Pass is now open for tourists but it remains inaccessible during the winter months due to heavy snowfall. The pass typically opens to vehicular traffic from April to November, depending on the weather conditions and snow clearance operations by the Border Road Organization (BRO). Tourists can reach me on Instagram @travellingphone to get the latest status.

Rohtang Pass Height:

   Rohtang Pass, nestled in the mighty Himalayas, is like a gateway to adventure. At 3,978 meters (13,051 feet), it’s not just a road; it’s a thrilling rollercoaster of twists, turns, and jaw-dropping vistas. Imagine riding through snow-capped peaks, with clouds brushing your cheeks. Rohtang Pass—where nature shows off its grandeur!

Rohtang Pass Distance:

   Travel logistics play a crucial role in trip planning, prompting travelers to search for the distance between their location and Rohtang Pass. Whether traveling from nearby cities like Manali or Shimla or embarking on a road trip from farther destinations, knowing the distance helps travelers estimate travel time and plan their itinerary accordingly.

Comment your queries below. We will respond within a day.

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Know All about the Atal Tunnel (Rohtang Tunnel) in Manali.

Rohtang Pass (Rohtang La).

Is Rohtang pass open now or not?

YES, the Rohtang pass top is now open to tourists for 2024. You need a Rohtang permit to visit the Rohtang pass top. There is a daily limit for issuing Rohtang permits, So better for you to apply online prior to your visit.

Rohtang pass status Today = OPEN.

Now Rohtang pass is OPENED for tourists. Make sure to get your Rohtang permit/pass before your visit to Rohtang pass top. Before the Atal Tunnel, Rohtang Pass was the only way to reach Lahaul and Spiti Valley from Manali.

Rohtang Pass current status?


Earlier The Border Road Organisation (BRO) had re-opened Rohtang Pass for the movement of small vehicles that provided relief to residents of the tribal districts of Lahaul and Spiti.

Leh Manali Highway road status - Lahoul

Leh road beyond Darcha is officially closed, army vehicles may start moving through this route as soon as the snow gets cleared by BRO.

The bus service via Rohtang pass was discontinued for over 6 months. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) has successfully run its trial bus from Kullu to Keylong via the Rohtang pass in the second half of last month. Post that snowfall occurred on the Rohtang Pass which delayed the road open for tourists, but from 1st June Rohtang Pass is officially open to tourists. As per the National Green Tribunal order, for this year 1300 vehicles will be permitted every day. The pass will remain closed every Tuesday for maintenance purposes.

Rohtang pass is now open for tourists, so plan your Kullu-Manali trip accordingly.
Rohtang pass as a Tourist's point of view :
Rohtang pass top in Leh-Manali route.

   When you are visiting Kullu-Manali, Rohtang Pass is the only place where you will see snowfall and snow for a long time every year.

What you will see in your Kullu-Manali Tour :
Rivers Waterfalls
Snow-Capped Peaks
Deodar Forests Village life Snow Points, Hampta, Rohtang, and Solang valley.
Himalayan Wildlife
Glaciers and Gorges Himalayan Herbs/Flora
Temples and Monasteries.
What should you wear and carry in clothes:
Depending on the weather. Carrying warm clothes is advisable. Heavy woolen clothes are required from November to April. Sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid
sun tanning.

Departure and return: Delhi or Chandigarh.
Recommended Departure Time: Evening (By Volvo buses) and Any time (By private vehicle/taxi).
Recommended Return Time: Evening (By Volvo buses) and Any time (By private vehicle/taxi).

If you are coming here to visit Rohtang Pass only then two nights' stay will be enough for you. In this two-night stay and three days tour, you can visit
Rohtang Pass (if the road is open and the permit is available), Solang Valley, Gulaba, Marhi, Hidimba Mata Temple, Tibetan Monastery Manali(Buddhist Monastery) Manali Mall Road, Jana waterfall, Naggar village, Naggar Castle, and Roerich Art Gallery le, Manu temple.
What if Rohtang pass is closed?
If you are a tourist and visiting Rohtang Pass to see snow and find if is closed to tourists, then no need to worry you have other options available to see snow in Manali in the winter season which are given below as an alternate of Rohtang Pass top.
Rohtang pass top alternatives:
Solang Valley and Hampta Pass are the alternates of Rohtang Pass top. The best option is the Solang Valley where you can have fun with adventure activities like snow scooters, paragliding, Ropeway, etc.
Rohtang Pass Photos :

Travelling Phone | Best time to go Rohtang Pass | Rohtang Pass open dates for tourist in this year. This year Rohtang pass top was closed for almost 5 months.

Rohtang Pass. Adventure Tourism.

Distances Between Cities
Distances Between Cities
S.NO. Route Distance (km)
1 Kullu to Manali 40
2 Shimla to Kullu 207
3 Shimla to Manali 247
4 Delhi to Manali 530
5 Delhi to Kullu 490
6 Delhi to Chandigarh 230
7 Chandigarh to Manali 300
8 Chandigarh to Kullu 260

Bhuntar to Manali is near about 50 kilometers where the distance from Bhuntar to Kullu is 10 km and the distance from Kullu to Manali is 40 km. If you are coming to Kullu via flight, then also the same distance you will have to travel via road to visit Manali. From Kullu-Manali Airport (At Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh) you can hire taxi/cab, or local buses are also available. Online cab booking is not available in Kullu-Manali.

 Season and Climate in India:





February to March

Sunny and pleasant.


April to June



July to Mid-September

Wet, hot, and humid


September end to November


Is it safe to go to Rohtang Pass?
The answer is. Yes, Rohtang Pass is a safe and adventurous place to visit to see snow. 
Rohtang Pass is one of the best places for adventurous activities.

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