Dhalpur is the main town of Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh India

Dhalpur is the main town of the Kullu District.

  • Latest update: Earthquake of magnitude 4.1 occurred in Mandi and Kullu-Manali, No casualties or reports of damage.

Dhalpur - A town in Kullu district. Kullu city is surrounded by beautiful hills. Dhalpur is beside the Bias river. Almost all of the District Head offices are here in dhalpur Kullu.

Dhalpur ground is a significant open space located in Kullu, a picturesque town situated in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is one of the prominent landmarks in Kullu and serves as a hub for various cultural, social, and sporting events.

The Dhalpur ground is centrally located in the town and spans a considerable area. It is surrounded by shops, markets, and other commercial establishments. The ground offers a sprawling open space where people gather for various activities and festivities.

One of the notable events held at Dhalpur ground is the Kullu Dussehra festival, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and attracts a large number of locals and tourists. During this festival, the ground becomes the epicenter of cultural performances, traditional folk dances, processions, and other festivities.

Apart from Dussehra, Dhalpur ground is also utilized for hosting various sporting events, such as cricket matches, football tournaments, and athletics competitions. The open space provides ample room for spectators to watch and cheer for their favourite teams.
"Dev Bhoomi Kullu" is a special place in India, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It's called "Dev Bhoomi" because it's believed to be the land of Gods. Kullu is famous for its beautiful mountains, green valleys, and a river called Beas that flows through it. People love to visit Kullu for its temples, exciting activities like adventure sports, and the lively culture of the local communities.
Additionally, the ground serves as a recreational space for locals and visitors alike. People often visit Dhalpur ground to relax, have picnics, or engage in outdoor activities. The open space offers a pleasant environment with lush greenery and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
Overall, Dhalpur ground plays a significant role in the social and cultural fabric of Kullu. It serves as a venue for celebrations, sports, and leisure activities, contributing to the vibrancy and liveliness of the town.

What is special in Kullu
Dhalpur - The main town of district Kullu.

The main point of focus in Dhalpur are(Highlights)  :

  • Government Degree college GDC Kullu
  • Government Sr. Sec. School(Boys) will now be renamed as Shaheed Paratrooper Bal Krishan Government Senior Secondary School.
  • DC office
  • Government Hospital
  • Dhalpur Ground
  • Dussehra Ground
  • District Library
  • Employment Office
  • District Court
  • ISBT Sarvari
  • Dhaplur Bus Stand
  • Lal Chand Prarthi Kala Kendra
  • Cricket ground.

Distance between :

  • Kullu to Manali distance - 40
  • Shilma to Kullu distance - 207
  • Shilma to Manali distance - 247
  • Delhi to Manali distance - 530
  • Delhi to Kullu distance - 490
  • Delhi to Chandigarh distance - 230
  • Chandigarh to Manali distance - 300
  • Chandigarh to Kullu distance - 260