Govt. Primary School, Chalah Village Distt. Kullu(HP) - राजकीय प्राथमिक पाठशाला, चलाह, जिला कुल्लू (हि. प्र.)

Government Schools in Lug valley.

Govt. Primary School Chalah Village
Govt. Primary School Chalah Village.

Govt. Primary School, Chalah Village, Lag Valley, Kullu District in(HP).

Chalah Village is in Lug Valley. As a part of my Teun trip many years back I found this school in a village called chalah and this school was known as Government Primary school Chalah. From first to fifth class students study here. Here you can get drinking water during your teun/tyun trip. now have faded memories of the road.

ROUTE : Dhalpur to > Bhutthi chowk > Bhutthi > Kamand > Shalang village > Kalang village > Gramag vilage then few more villages > Chalah villages then few more villages > Teun.
*In the above route some small village names are missing. 

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