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 How to make a bootable pen drive using the command prompt(cmd) without using any software.

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How to make bootable pen drive without software.

 Follow below are the steps on how to make the pen drive bootable :

Step 1.) Open command prompt(cmd) by using "WINDOWS KEY + R", then type "diskpart" and hit ENTER.

Step 2.) Type "list disk" in command prompt window and hit ENTER.

Step 3.) Now type "select disk 1" and hit ENTER.

Step 4.) Type "clean" in command prompt and hit ENTER.

Step 5.) Type "create partition primary" in command prompt and hit ENTER.

Step 6.) Type "select partition 1" in command prompt and hit ENTER.

Step 7.) Type "format fs=fat32" in command prompt and hit ENTER. (OR type "format quick fs=fat32" for Quick format).

Step 8.) Type "active" in command prompt and hit ENTER.

Step 9.) Type "assign" in command prompt and hit ENTER.

Step 10.) Type "exit" in command prompt and hit ENTER.

That's it. Now your pen drive is bootable and you can use this pen drive for installing windows and for any other purpose.

Note: For me, it's worked in normal mode but If you face any issue then try using the command prompt in Admin mode.

How to open a command prompt(cmd) in Admin mode :
  1.  Press Windows key + X and select the option "Command Prompt(Admin)" from the list.
  2. Open start menu then search for "cmd" then right-click and then click on "run as administrator".
  3. Open task manager then click on file in the taskbar, then > Run new task, then tick mark the option "Create the task with windows administrator privileges", then type cmd and hit enter.
Windows shortcut keys
Keys Description
Ctrl+Shift+Esc task manager shortcut
WindowsKey+E Open My Computer
Alt + F4 Close current window/Application
Alt + Tab Switch between different open windows
Crtl+Alt+Delete Key Useful if all else fails, if system hangs

If you are still facing any issue leave your query on comment section below.
Bootable pen drive is very helpful for installing New Windows on your Laptop/PC.

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