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Antiviruses are playing a good role as they have protected many computers from unauthorized access but...

Does your PC really need antivirus protection 🖥️ ?

Have you ever thought about this? Some people will say yes, obviously, everyone must have an antivirus installed on their computers. Some will say, these are not that much important. But if I have to make a decision for my PC, I will say No! I don't need and want antivirus on my PC.

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Cell phone and computer security.

Now the question is, 'How can I save my PC from viruses'?

My answer depends on the two factors like How my PC can get affected by viruses.🦠

1.) By Internet surfing or by downloading content from the internet and by installing miscellaneous software.

2.) By connecting devices like External devices like USB, external hard disks, etc to my PC.
   There are a lot of viruses and malware nowadays, we can get detailed information on Google itself. I just want you to save your PC or mobile from cyber threats by putting in minimum effort.
For me, the definition of hacking is, "Unauthorize access to some other PC/computer or mobile is hacking".

What can I do to save my PC from the viruses that come from the internet?

 For detailed information, you can read below and in short, the answer is to Keep your Windows Defender up to date and install the Adblock extension for your browser which will block unwanted pop-ups that lead you to the page where they push you to install the problematic software.

Now let us understand in a little more detail that what is a virus in a computer. So that you yourself can make a decision on how you can save your PC from viruses.

Q: Is antivirus a must for my PC?

A: Not mandatory and a free version of Avast and Eset is enough for 80% of us.

'A computer virus is much like a flu virus that is designed by someone to spread from one host to the other host and also has the ability to replicate itself,' this is the definition I learned from the books and the internet. But for me, a computer virus means a program that slows my PC creates unnecessary files and folders on my PC, or corrupts data(files or software) on my computer.

Now the point is do we really need an antivirus for our PC?

My answer is No! Why should we install antivirus which will put the load on our PC and slow down them as well? We can secure our PCs from harm/threats that come from the internet without any antivirus.

Yes, you can secure your PC from internet threats by following the below instructions. These tips will not give you top-level security from internet threats but we need to think do we really need top-level security on our computer? I don't think so, the reason is we are not surfing the internet daily for a long period of time and not accessing a huge number of websites daily. If not then there is no reason to waste money on buying antivirus protection and low down the performance of your PC. Today's Windows Defender which comes with Windows is very powerful to protect your PC from internet threats. Along with Windows Defender download the Adblock extension free for your browser. Other than these two you can install Malwarebytes - an anti-malware software for Microsoft Windows PC.

Now coming to the second point Safety of computers from External connecting devices like USB pen drives, external hard disks, etc.
Virus protection for your computer.

Best free antivirus for your PC?

Eset and Avast antivirus are the best antivirus tools to protect your PC from viruses which may come through a pen drive or by connecting external devices to your PC.
    The best combination for your PC that will keep your PC safe from threats: The best setup will be a combination of Free Antivirus like Avast or Eset + Autorun virus removal + Malwarebytes virus removal. With these points also make sure to update your Windows firewall regularly at least every month.

Points to remember:

  • Update your Windows firewall frequently, at least once a month.
  • Disable Autorun on your computer/PC.

How to increase the speed of my PC?
A slow PC doesn't always mean that your PC is affected by harmful viruses. Sometimes our PC has temporary files that are not needed in our pc. These files are created by our system itself to speed up the work you are doing, but these temporary files are still on your computer because these are not deleted by your system itself. Now the question is how you can delete temporary files from your PC.

What are the main reasons for causing the slowdown of my PC?
The two reasons why our PC gets slow after a few months or years: One is the %temp% directory which is having a huge number of files in it, and second is the Software you install on your computer. Addons installed for your browsers are also the main reason for the slowness of your computer. You can speed up your PC by following the below points.

  1. Delete temporary files from the temporary directory/folder.
  1. Clean up your PC using the CCleaner utility(Download from the official website. It's FREE).
  1. Either format your PC after taking a backup of your files OR Re-install Windows on your pc from time to time.

Avoid using a pirated or cracked version of Software.

There are so many virus names available on Google and a single antivirus can not give protection to your PC from all the viruses present nowadays. Antivirus like 360 Internet Security, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender can give protection to your PC but these antiviruses will also slow down your PC and will take money from your pocket for the license for a certain time period and you need to renew these as well. So these antiviruses I will recommend only for Professionals.

To open the temporary folder for deleting temporary files on your PC press Windows key + R. Then type this %temp% on Run Windows.

Safe Banking:

You don't need to enter your UPI PIN anywhere to receive money
Entering your UPI PIN means you are paying someone. Pay attention to which direction your money is moving.

SmartPhone/Mobile Security:

Now coming to smartphone security. Just do not install unwanted apps from other than Play Store(Android Phone User) and Apple Store(iPhone User).

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