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White water rafting Kullu | River Rafting Adventure

Q. Can we do river rafting nowadays?
A. No River rafting is closed now for tourists for 2 months from 14th July 2021 due to the Rainy season.
River Rafting Status Today: OPEN

White water rafting OR River rafting in Kullu Manali.

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    In the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh state of India. From Manali to Kullu there is a number of river rafting points from where you can book your rafting schedule and package. There are many websites from where you can book your rafting packages, but my suggestion for you is, 'do not book rafting packages online 'especially in rainy seasons because online packages will cost high.
In rainy season HP(Himachal Pradesh) government has prohibited river rafting.
Nowadays it is winter season so you can plan your river rafting on your arrival here. Leave your queries in the Comment section below.
White water rafting Kullu
White water rafting Kullu (Pirdi, Kullu, HP, India).
Best Time to Enjoy White Water rafting Kullu: Winter season (avoid rainy season).
   The best time for river rafting is the winter season because the water level of the river in the winter season is very low compared to the water level in the summer season. The best river rafting points in Kullu Valley are Pirdi and Babeli. Babeli and Pirdi are the best river rafting points to begin your adventure in the river. For safe and smooth rafting you can prefer Pirdi first and then Baveli.
White water rafting Kullu.

river rafting pictures
White water rafting Kullu - Beas river(HP).
River rafting price: From Pirdi there will be two types of packages for tourists. The First will be 5 km approx and the second 12 km as a long river rafting track. Packages will start from Rs. 800 for short distances and Rs. 1200 for long-distance. It will be better if you shoot videos of your trips.
For a short distance, river rafting point Pirdi, the destination will be Bhuntar, and for long-distance, the destination will be Jhidi. River rafting is one of the best adventurous activities that can be fully enjoyed when you are with friends and family we may not feel the real adventure as we do have to follow the safety manual and we can not compromise with that.

White water rafting in Beas river | Travelling Phone 
River rafting starting point in Kullu Manali.
 For the rafting point Babeli(Baveli) starting point is Babeli and the endpoint is Bashing (Dev Dhaam).
From Manali, there are so many river rafting points you can also go for those as well. Best wishes for your adventurous Journey. Take care and have fun. For any query, you can write on the Contact Us page.

Nearby Temple: Pirdi Mahadev

Distances in between
In kilometers
Kullu to Manali
 40 km
Shimla to Kullu
 207 km
Shimla to Manali
 247 km
Delhi to Manali
 530 km
Delhi to Kullu
 490 km
Delhi to Chandigarh
 230 km
Chandigarh to Manali
 300 km
Chandigarh to Kullu
 260 km

Trip Helpline: For booking your adventurous activity of river rafting please reach us on the Contact Us form here.

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