which is the best investment plan in India for middle class | Best investment plan with high returns

Which is the Best investment options among PPF, PF, FD, RD, Mutual Fund, Shares | Smart Investment during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Best options to invest Today. Are those Stocks? Let us see below:

 My suggestion for you is to invest in Mutual Funds instead of investing directly in any stock. But due to the Coronavirus epidemic along with the Global market Indian stock market is also affected badly where SENSEX has fallen down to % and NIFTY has fallen down to 31% from its lifetime high. Here I will suggest a few stocks you where you can invest to invest

For now, it is better not to invest money directly in any Stock. You need to wait for at least one week and watch the market keenly. Once the market will be stable we will update here. the list of companies
COVID-19 is the only major factor affecting the Indian Market as well as the Global Market

"Why the Entire Indian market is down but only Yes Bank shares are flying like a rocket? This is the reason, "All existing shareholders of Yes Bank have been barred from selling more than 25 of their current holding for 3 years, according to the YES Bank Reconstruction Plan approved by Centre on March 13. Only retail shareholders holding up to 100 shares can sell their entire holding".
People are afraid of going out due to Corona-virus. Online shopping is also affected by this. Online food orders have been down more than

Hope after COVID-19 effect on the Market you will agree with the below investment plan.
As per my understanding, if we invest more in PPF, PF, RD, and FD that will be good for us to secure the major part of our earned money. 
 If you are in a job and getting a regular salary as income, then you should invest your hard-earned money where the risk level of losing your money is minimum. Below are a few options for you to get maximum returns and low-risk options are also given below.
PPF: PPF is a "Public Provident Fund", an investment platform for individuals, where you can invest a minimum of Rs. 500 to Maximum Rs. 1,50,000  every year.
PPF Product Features:
 The interest rate of 7.1% that is fully exempted from Income Tax under Section 80C.

As per the new rule after Finance Minister presented the Budget on Feb-2021, Interest received on upto 2.5 Lakhs deposited in EPF is free from tax and the interest received on the amount deposited more than 2,50,000 will not be tax free.

Good long term investments of 15 years
 The Deposit Amount can be as low as Rs.500  and a maximum of Rs.1,50,000 in one financial year. Deposits should be in multiples of Rs.50
 The loan can be availed between the 3rd to 6th financial year.
 A partial withdrawal facility can be availed after completion of 5 financial years
The account can be extended in a block period of 5 years after maturity
Deposits to Public Provident Fund (PPF) Accounts can be made in the form of cash, cheque, online funds transfer from bank accounts.
You can transfer your PPF account in between banks or to Post Office.
Power of compounding:
You can download the emUtility app on your phone and can calculate the return. The app is available for iPhone as well as Android users in the App Store and in Play Store.


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