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 Finally, the Timeline to buy FasTag is over now, and No more extensions on the last date.

 Earlier the CentralGovernment extended the FasTag deadline from 1st January 2021 to 15th February 2021 for vehicles in India.

Save Money by just Applying for Fastag otherwise, you have to pay TOLL double sometime.

What is the last Date for buying FasTag?

15th February 2021 was the last date for buying FasTag for vehicles which is over now.

Now What? As the FasTag deadline has passed now.

FasTag's last date of 15th-Feb-2021 has passed now but there is nothing to worry about. Due to some reason, if you still need to do FasTag registration for your vehicle you can still Register for FasTag. Nothing to worry about, you just have to pay the extra amount (somewhere it is double) until you Register and get your FasTag.

The best FasTag available in the Indian Market

In terms of the brand name only ICICI FasTag, Airtel Fastag, and Paytm FasTag are the top FasTag brands available in the market. When we are taking 'User friendly' as our priority then 

What is the full form of NHAI?

NHAI is the National Highway Authority of India.

 I have two FasTag issued by ICICI Bank and Airtel. Before buying Fastag I went through the online reviews given by customers. After 7 months of use, I found ICICI Banks's FasTag is better than Airtel FasTag and also one of the best FasTag available in the Indian market. It is easy to use and adding money to a FasTag account is easy within a few minutes also money will be ready to use immediately after adding. Even if you don't have an account in ICICI Bank you can still use its FasTag. There is a separate App available for ICICI Bank FasTag in the App/Play Store.

All FasTags from different companies are good and work fine but the problem is that the issue customers face during Topup/Recharge makes the difference. Otherwise, All the companies who are selling FasTags are working for NHAI. NHAI(National Highway Authority of India) is collecting TOLL Plaza fees and All companies provide FasTag to their customers to collect money by providing services to their customers.

I have done the recharge just before reaching TOL Plaza and it works in ICICI FasTag.

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