First Coronavirus case in Kullu district (COVID-19) | कुल्लू जिले में पहला कोरोना पॉजिटिव, मुंबई से लौटा था संक्रमित

The first positive case of Coronavirus has been reported in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

Coronavirus case in himachal six cases today first case in Kullu District.

Today finally first corona positive case came in Kullu. Not good news for Kullu.

   First COVID-19 positive came in the Quarantine center of Kullu district. The first positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) came in Kullu. The affected person is from Anni, who came from Mumbai in train with 9 others.
 Sample of all 10 people taken earlier and yesterday mid-night the report of the test came where 9 reported as negative for COVID-19 and one came positive for COVID-19. Meanwhile, The administration of Kullu will be more strict now after the first positive case in Kullu.
कुल्लू जिले में पहला कोरोना पॉजिटिव, मुंबई से लौटा था संक्रमित ! आज हिमाचल में मिले 6 मामले !
   The first positive case of Coronavirus has been reported in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The infected youth hails from Kuthed village in Ani. The travel history of the young man is from Mumbai. The young man used to work in a hotel in Mumbai and reached Una by train on May 18 along with nine others. On 18 May, they were taken to Kullu by the HRTC(Himachal Road Transport Corporation) bus. On arrival at Bajaura, all Covid-19 samples were also taken with thermal screening.

   All ten people were kept in Isolation at the District Ayurvedic Hospital at Dhalpur. The youth was separated from the other five from the Isolation Ward by the medical team on Tuesday morning. Deputy Commissioner of Kullu Dr. Richa Verma said that a 23-year-old youth of Ani was found corona positive in the reports of samples received late on Tuesday. The youth was already kept separate in the Isolation Ward of COVID-19 Care Center and has not come in direct contact with anyone since reaching Kullu.
   All other reports kept in Isolation are negative. However, all these will be re-sampled as a precaution. All have been placed under intensive medical supervision. The condition of corona positive young man is absolutely normal and it will be treated here. At the same time, the driver-conductor of the bus that came from Una to Kullu was already quarantined.
KULLU DISTRICT में पहला मामला : जिस बस में मरीज ऊना से कुल्लू तक गया था, उस बस के ड्राइवर और कंडक्टर को भी अलग कर दिया गया है और उनके नमूने परीक्षण के लिए भेज दिए गए हैं।
32 more cases same in Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. Now after this huge number of cases in Himachal Pradesh, Government is thinking to cease the boundaries of Himachal Pradesh to restrict the entry of the people from other states into Himachal. This may be implemented after May 31st 

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