Udaipur - Top tourist destinations in Rajasthan | Rajasthan adventure tours | Travelling Phone

Udaipur - Top tourist destinations in Rajasthan | My Rajasthan adventure tours

 Udaipur tour was One of the best experience of my life I have ever in my life. The experience of Pink city Jaipur was also good but tour to Udaipur was one of the best.


Udaipur | Top tourist destinations in rajasthan | Rajasthan adventure tours

     1.CITY PALACE: City Palace is situated on the banks of Lake Pichola. It is a magnificent palace and it takes a while to visit it. There are many sections in it. Each section has a story of its own. The view of the lake is spell bounding.

   2.LAKE PICHOLA: It is one of the main tourist attractions of Udaipur. One can do the boat riding there. There is a lake palace in the middle of it, which increases the beauty of it.

   3.TAJ LAKE PALACE: It is the palace situated in the middle of Lake Pichola. It is a part of the city palace. but now it is a luxurious hotel. Tourists can enjoy the meals and scenic beauty of this place.

   4.FATEH SAGAR LAKE: It is in the North of Lake Pichola. It is an artificial lake. Boat rides are available there one can enjoy it.

   5. JAGDISH MANDIR: It is a Lord Vishnu temple and is situated near the city palace. The artistry of the temple is beyond description. There is a calm atmosphere in the temple.

   6. VINTAGE CAR MUSEUM: There are many cars of old time. Classic cars are maintained well and look new. The ticket for the museum is a little bit expensive.

   7.BHARTIYA LOK KALA KENDRA: There is an exhibition of clothing, artforms, and lifestyles of different cultures. The center of attraction is The Puppet Show. It reflected the typical Rajasthani culture.

   8.MONSOON PALACE(Sajjangarh Palace): It is situated on the hilltop. One can see the whole city from there. The scenic beauty of this palace is great.

   9.SAHELIYON KI BARI: It is a beautiful garden with a resting place in the middle of it. It was built by the king for his queen to have some fun time with friends (maids). There is a fountain at the entrance and its sound creates an illusion as if it's raining. the garden is very beautiful with different kinds of beautiful flowers, trees, and shrubs.

   10.SHILPGRAM: It is an artificial village that shows the rural lifestyle of not only Rajasthan but India. Each and every detail of this village shows the heart of traditional Indian culture. It reminds us of our old carefree lifestyle which is like a dream these days.

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