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Best free Android apps | Android Phone

Below I have given one of the best free apps for your Android Smartphones. You can install these apps on your smartphone by downloading these apps free from the Play Store. The categorization of apps I have done on the basis of their functionalities.

Banking Applications :
   •  iMobile(ICICI Bank), SBI Everywhere and YONO (SBI), PNB One(PNB), Axis Bank Mobile Banking, HDFC Bank Mobile Banking, etc. are the official applications from respective banks.
   •  Tez(Now - Google Pay), BHIM, PhonePe etc.

Financial Apps:
   •  MoneyControl.
   •  ET Money.
Best free Android apps | Travelling Phone| travellingphone
Best Free Android Apps for Android Phone.

We all have or have ever used Android phones at least once.

Best Banking Apps for payments and UPI:
Google Pay

What is Android?
Like other operating systems, Android is an operating system that is used to operate the phone. Without an operating system in a cell phone, it is inoperative. Now, what does inoperative mean, Inoperative means you can not switch on/off that phone?

Best Online Shopping App:
Paytm/Paytm Mall.

What is an Operating system?
An Operating System(OS) is a set of system files/Software/applications and the role of any OS is just to make that device operational or functional. OS(Operating System) like iOS and Android in any mobile phone OR Windows and Mac OS in Desktop/Laptop are the most commonly used OS in the market.

Android app | Travelling Phone
Premium Android Phone, Samsung Mobile.
For the best and most free Android apps, you need to download apps from the Play Store only. This will help you to save your phone from online threats that come with downloading apps from untrusted sources.
Best free video editor app for Android phones:
The best free Android video editor app is VideoShow. With this, you can create videos for your YouTube channel. I purchased this app Fully(A one-time purchase) for just INR 399 in 2018.

Apps installed on my Android Phone are :
Google Pay, Paytm, Money Control, VideoShow, PicsArt, YouTube Studio, Google Chrome, Aloha Browser, BookMyShow, UMANG, Money Control, Flipkart, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Google Business, IRCTC - Official app, Radio Garden, Gaana, Myntra, My BSNL, Paypal, Yono - SBI, RohtangPermit, PhoneePe, My Airtel, My Jio, Shabdkosh app I used once.
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emUtility (eMudhra) is one of the best apps for calculating simple interest as well as compound interest. It helps you to calculate interest on RD, FD, PPF, Loan EMI, gratuity amount, SIP, GST, and VAT on the basis of your input.
    •  Interest and tax calculators.
    •  Employment Calculators.
    •  Banking Calculators.
    •  Trading Calculators.

Android phone vs iOS/iPhone. Which one is best?
The answer will depend on your requirements, like...
If you want a fast-running app phone then you should go for iOS/iPhone. Also if you are a YouTuber or a blogger you should go for the iPhone for which you may have to spend a higher amount. A very good camera will always be there for you on any iPhone.
If you are looking for a budget phone with a variety of applications mostly free, then you can go for an Android phone but you will get a satisfactory camera.

Q. Why is my Mi Powerbank indicator blinking one by one.?
Ans. You may have double-pressed the power button accidentally. The sequential blinking of Power bank LEDs indicates low current charging for small devices such as the Mi Band. It's a special mode you can activate by double-clicking the power button.

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