What is happening in India | Key HIGHLIGHTS | COVID-19, SENSEX, NIFTY, Lockdown, Shutdown

What is happening in India? | Highlights


■ Lockdown-4 will continue till 31st May. ■ The first positive case of COVID-19 came out in Kullu. ■ All flights banned due to coronavirus pandemic. ■ Groffers and Big basket 'online grocery stores' are giving services in limited cities lockdown period. ■ India in Lockdown-4.■ Coronavirus cases exceeded 3.72M Globally.■ Singer Kanika Kapoor tests negative for Coronavirus on her 6th test. ■ Amazon started its non-essential services in limited locations. ■ Strange but true: Fresh Snowfall in Kullu-Manali Mountain top on 5th-May-2020.

Key Highlights:
What is happening in India | Trending News Article | travellingphone
What is happening in India | Trending News Article
 ▶ Coronavirus impacted Google Ads and Affiliate Sales.
 ▶ SENSEX fall 33% down from its lifetime high 42,273.87.
 ▶ NIFTY 50 fall 34% from its lifetime high 12,430.50.
 ▶ One-day nationwide virus Curfew on March 22nd.
 PM Modi’s appeal to Nation: Light diyas at 9:00 PM for 9 minutes on April 5th.
 ▶ Himachal Pradesh is closed for Tourist till further update from HP Government.
 ▶ Nirbhaya convicts hanged on 20-MAR-2020 at 5.30 AM as High Court dismisses last-minute plea.
 ▶ IndiGo cuts the salary of all employees due to coronavirus, the CEO takes a 25% pay cut.
 ▶ India bars international flights for one week.
 ▶ Himachal Road Transport Corporation(HRTC) to Cancel all bus services (Ordinary/Volvo) outside Himachal Pradesh from 21st March.
 ▶ Haryana Roadways stopped all their services till further Notification.
 ▶ Section 144 imposed in Haryana, Noida, Rajasthan...
 ▶ Kanika Kapoor criticized for alleged careless behaviors. FIR has been lodged against Kanika Kapoor who has been tested positive for COVID-19.
 ▶ 21 days complete lockdown in India which will continue till 14th April 2020.
 ▶ Strange but True: Fresh Snowfall in Kullu-Manali Mountain top on 1st April 2020.
 ▶ PM Modi’s appeal to Nation: Light diyas at 9:00 PM for 9 minutes on April 5th.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked citizens to follow "Janta Curfew" on March 22th, 2020 (Sunday). He said this during his address to the Nation on Coronavirus pandemic.
▶ Complete Lockdown extended in India till May 3rd.
▶ IT companies to continue employees work from home till July 31st.
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
Since for now, there is no vaccine and medicines available in the market for Coronavirus treatment. Please visit the WHO Official website here more and detailed information on this Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

Coronavirus: COVID-19 Is Officially A Pandemic, WHO Says.

coronavirus is pandemic or epidemic?

What is happening in India | Trending News Article | Travelling Phone
COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic.
*आवश्यक  सूचना यह है कि सरकार कभी खुल के खतरे के बारे में नहीं कहती है ताकि जनता में हंगामा न मचे, पर स्कूलों का बंद होना, ट्रेनों का रद्द होना, अंतरराष्ट्रीय उडानों को स्थगित किया जाना प्रमाण है कि स्थिति गंभीर है, तो अब बहुत हुआ हंसी मजाक या व्हाट्सएपिया ज्ञान...। *अब थोड़ा गंभीर हो जाइये..। तुरंत सेनेटाइजर और हैंडवॉश खरीदें, सेनेटाइजर जेब/पर्स में लेके चले और हैंडवॉश+एक बाल्टी पानी घर के दरवाजे पर रखें, भीड़ वाली जगह जाने से बचें, लोगों से थोड़ी दूरी बना कर बात करें और शारीरिक संपर्क न बनाएँ। लहसुन, प्याज के चक्कर में न रहे, दुनिया के किसी देश के पास इसका इलाज नहीं है और कम से कम 6 माह तक होगा भी नहीं, आपकी जागरूकता और सावधानी ही अभी एक मात्र उपाय है !
Stay Home, Save lives.
 What is happening in India | March-2020 Highlights:
Top Trends on Social Media:
 ▶ #KanikaKapoor
 ▶ #Coronavirus
 ▶ #JantaCurfew
 ▶ #Social_Distancing
 ▶ #SelfQuarantine
 ▶ #Section 144 implemented in a few states due to COVID-19 pandemic.

 What is happening in India | April-2020 Highlights:
 ▶ #Lockdown-2 from 23rd-March to 3rd-May.
 ▶ #IrfanKhanRIP
 ▶ #RishiKapoorRIP

 What is happening in India | May-2020 Highlights:
 ▶ #Lockdown 3: Lockdown 3 will be of two weeks after May 3rd.
 ▶ #DDNational is re-telecasting episodes of 'Sri Krishna' at 9:00PM and repeated telecast at 9:00AM on the next day.
 ▶ #JE Main and NEET 2020 exam dates out.
 ▶ #Youtube vs TikTok - Carryminati video removed by Youtube 7 crore views and 1 crore likes before it was pulled down.
 ▶ #Lochdown 4.0 - All States to decide relaxations.
 ▶ #Bois Locker Room - Private group on Instagram, case filed.
 ▶ #Delhi saw 6th "minor earthquake" this month.
 ▶ #Uber fires 3700 employees in its 3 minutes video conference.
 ▶ #EPF - The government has reduced both employer and employee contribution to the latter's EPF account from 12% of employee's salary to 10% for the next 3 months.
 ▶ #Rs. 20 lakh-crore Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan: Small businesses will get the first boost.
 ▶ #Gadgets: Vivo V19 and Xiaomi's Redmi Note 9/pro released in Indian Market.
 ▶ #Mi 10 Released in India. Price disappointed. (#TPsuggestion - Don't Buy).
 ▶ #Honor 9X Pro released in India.
 ▶ #IRCTC special train bookings resumed in amid coronavirus lockdown.
 ▶  The first positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) came in Kullu. The affected person is from Anni, who came from Mumbai in train with 9 others.
 ▶  First coronavirus case in Kullu (20-May-2020) - Click here for details.
 ▶  Pakistan's International Airlines Airbus A320cjet carrying 91 passengers and eight crew crashed into a crowded residential district of the city of Karachi on Friday(22-May-2020).

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