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ISBT Shimla | New Bus Stand - Inter State Bus Terminal(ISBT), Tuti Kandi, Shimla.

Latest Update: HRTC bus service to longest and highest Leh-Delhi route is yest to be started.
The newly constructed ISBT (Inter-State Bus Terminal) in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, is a welcome addition to the city's transportation infrastructure. With its modern design and upgraded facilities, the ISBT Shimla offers a convenient and efficient hub for travelers. The terminal provides a well-organized layout, clean restrooms, and ample seating areas for passengers. Real-time information display systems help visitors stay informed about bus schedules and arrivals. Additionally, the terminal houses various food outlets and shops, catering to the needs of travelers. The ISBT Shimla is a testament to the city's commitment to enhancing the travel experience and ensuring seamless connectivity for both tourists and residents alike.
 New ISBT Shimla is in a location named Tuti Kandi, The total build-up area is 3.5 lacs sq ft. And furnished cloakroom. Nearby parking for almost 200+ cars.
Below are a few positives about New ISBT Shimla.
 •  Banquet Hall.
 •  Food Court.
 •  Furnished cloakrooms.
 •  Nearby parking for cars. 
 •  2 screen PVR cinema.
 •  Commercial area(Restaurant, Offices).
 •  Dormitory.
HRTC online booking of buses Volvo, Semi deluxe or ordinary buses can be done through an online site. Alternatively, Android and iOS apps for iPhones are also the best options for booking HRTC tickets.
Latest Update(JULY-2021): After one and half year The Leh-Delhi bus service is started now. Rs. 1616 will be the bus fair. The bus will start its journey at 4:00 AM from Leh. Earlier when booking tickets online, due to COVID-19 search result on the HRTC website was giving the error, "due to administrative reasons".
Photo of ISBT Shimla.
Inter State Bus Terminal, Shimla | ISBT Shimla | Travelling Phone
Inter-State Bus Terminal, Shimla.

All route buses are available here. It is well cleaned and on this hilly point, infrastructure is very good here. ISBT Shimla if you see it is a very good example of good architecture.
FAQ: ISBT Shimla full form is - Inter State Bus Terminal Shimla.

Shimla was earlier known as Simla. 

Places to visit in Shimla

Advanced study center

Albert Hall Museum

Jakhu Temple

Mall Road


Tour Guide/Tourist Guide :
From here(New ISBT Shimla) It takes :
  4 hours and 15 minutes to reach ISBT Sect. 43 Chandigarh.
 •  7 hours 30 minutes to reach Manali.
 •  Shimla to Manali will take approximately 9 hours.
 • ISBT Shimla to mall road Shimla takes approximately 45 minutes. 20 minutes by vehicle and then 20 minutes by walk.
 •  Shimla ISBT Tutikandi to the old bus stand takes 20-25 minutes.
The full form of ISBT is Inter-State Bus Terminal.

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