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The last village of lug valley is Teun or Tyun Village - Lug Valley.

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View of teun village, Arjun.

Teun village is the last village of Lug valley. The nearby village is Samalang.

Teun village is famous as the Fumni Mata temple is there. A very peaceful place surrounded by beautiful green hills. It takes 2:30 hrs by walk from Kalang village to reach Teun and 1 hr to Kalang Village from Kullu via bus. Total 3 - 3:30 hrs run from Kullu.
Lug valley location: The location of Lug valley is on the left side when you are in Dhalpur and your face is towards Manali.
The best part of the tour, you will see :
  • Village life. 
  • River touch. 
  • Village culture, lifestyle, and tradition.
  • Living of the people in villages.
How to come here:
       From Kullu(Dhalpur) to Kalang the vehicle route is approx 20 km. Thereafter from Kalang village, you have to travel by walk/feet. The journey by walk can take 2 to 3:30 hrs depending upon your walking speed. During this beautiful and adventurous journey, you will see the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the village people. You also will see the beautiful river coming straight out from in between two mountains. You will also get the natural and pure water having minerals there on this journey. I have visited here a number of times and would like to say you that my experience was superb as I felt the beautiful positive vibes and scenic beauty during my travel were awesome.
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Fumni Mata, Teun/Tiun/Tyun village.

Along with faith in Goddess Fungni(Fumni) Mata, you can visit Lag valley for Trekking, camping, homestay and 
adventure as well.

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