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Gaurav Tower(GT) SQUARE Mall, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan | Gaurav Tower - Bardiya Group of Companies.

     Gaurav Tower Square Mall(GT Square Mall)
Construction is now completed here for GT Square Malviya Nagar. Here two Gaurav Towers, one is Gaurav Tower Central and the second Gaurav Tower Baazar are already there. This new building/Shopping center is located on the left side of the Reebok Showroom building (earlier Maruti Suzuki(PREM NEXA) showroom) when you are in front of McDonald's in GT Baazar and when the Reebok showroom is at your front side. NEXA Showroom has been replaced by a new building where you will find now Zudio and Pantaloon showrooms.

Many Commercial Complexes are located in Malviya Nagar namely Gaurav Tower, GT Central, Crystal Court, Fort Anandam, and WTP(World Trade Park), and now GT Square joined them.
     Currently (JUNE-2024) only Cultfit is available here in GT Square for the public. Reliance Fresh was closed in the third quarter of 2023 and moved to another location. Reliance Trends store is also closed on 15-JUN-2024. It was opened on 23-Feb-2019. There is another Reliance Trend store in GT Central at a distance of 200 meters which is still open. 
Gaurav Tower Square Mall Jaipur(GT Square Mall).
Opening and closing timing :
GT Square Mall: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Expected). Only Cult Fit is open in the morning.
Reliance Trends opening and closing timing : PERMANENTLY CLOSED on 15-JUN-2024.
Reliance Fresh store opening and closing timing PERMANENTLY CLOSED.
   The BBQ company in Jaipur: NOTE-It's closed from April-2024.
Address: 6th Floor, GT Square, Opp. Gaurav Tower, Malviya Nagar+91 722984777273+91 722984777274

Brands available at GT Square Mall Jaipur :
 Reliance Trends
‣ Reliance Fresh store (Opening Date: 29-Mar-2019) - Now CLOSED Permanently.
‣ The BBQ Company
‣ More to come.
Brands available at GT Central Mall Jaipur are :
 Being Human
‣ Aurelia
‣ Pizza Hut
‣ Masti Zone
‣ Domino's PizzaBurger King
‣ Coffee Cafe Day (CCD)
‣ XIMI Vogue
Distances :
GT Square Mall is approximately 3 km from Jaipur Airport.
From Sindhi Camp Bus terminal it is at a distance of 13 km approx and 14 km from Jaipur railway station.
Highlights :
Opening Time      11:00 AM
Closing Time       10:00 PM
Weekdays            7 days a week(Updating soon).
Highlights Reliance Trends(Store closed), The BBQ Company, Reliance Fresh store(Store closed).
Location/Add      GT Square, Kalyan Colony, D-Block, Sector 4, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017.
Must Read: GT Central Jaipur.

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