Paragliding Adventure in Kullu Manali | Paragliding and river rafting Price, Distance and flying points in Kullu Manali | Adventure

 Adventure activities For tourists visiting outside Himachal Pradesh

From a tourist's point of view, several activities can be performed in Kullu-Manali if you love adventure.

The booking counters you will start seeing from Kalehali to Manali on both sides of the Highway. They will take booking of all the adventure activities like paraglidingriver rafting, camping, trekking, etc. Adventure activities like Paragliding and River rafting can be performed immediately after the booking but Activities other than Paragliding and River rafting require a team or a group.

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 So for trekking, camping, or bonfire adventure, if you are going to book for one or two people they will adjust you with some others to make a group. Portable tent and equipment they will provide you separately.

It is good to do camping, trekking, and Bonfire adventures in the group. You can perform in a group with your friends to enjoy the feeling of getting together.

Can I do River Rafting and Paragliding immediately after booking?

Yes, River rafting and Paragliding you can do immediately after the booking on the counter or any time in a day depending on the weather conditions at that time.

Where are the River rafting points in Kullu-Manali?

There are so many points of river rafting in Kullu-Manali from where you can start your adventure of having fun in the Bias River.

Best starting points for river rafting

Babeli and Pirdi are the two best starting points in Kullu-Manali from where you can start your adventure in the river. These points are best because these tracks have minimal obstacles as compared to others.

The oldest and the longest river rafting route is from Pirdi to Jhidi which is almost 14 km.

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 Where can I do Paragliding in Kullu?

Thinking about paragliding the first name which is coming to my mind is Flyin. Flyin village is a small village in District Kullu. This village became famous because of Paragliding. As Flyin you have to reach here to start your Adventure of Paragliding. This is the paragliding start point or Take-off point I can say.

Other Paragliding points are in Kharahal Valley, Rohtang Valley, Marhi, Solang Valley, etc. But Paragliding Point Flyin will open for a maximum time every year. Paragliding take-off points in Rohtang and Manali may get closed due to snowfall in winter then you will have Flyin and Khrahal valley options available for paragliding.

How much does paragliding cost in Manali?

The cost of paragliding will depend on the season. Paragliding in Kullu-Manali will cost you Rs. 800 for the short fly and Rs. 1300 for the high fly. For the final cost, you can negotiate with them if possible.

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Now coming back the best option in terms of time saving. If you are staying in Manali then Flyin will be a good option for you. If you are staying near Dhalpur which is the main town of Kullu, then you can opt for both Flyin or Kharahal Valley Paragliding starting points. If you have any queries please comment below.

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